Helga Dahl

Helga Dahl appeared as a minor character in Titanic and the love interest of Fabrizio De Rossi. She was Norweigan. She was portrayed by Camilla Overbye Roos.

Character historyEdit

Early lifeEdit

Not much is known about Helga's early life except for the fact that she was born somewhere in Norway. She likely grew up there and would later plan on moving to America with her family.

Life on the RMS TitanicEdit

Helga can first be seen at Southampton, admiring the sheer size of the RMS Titanic and waiting to board with her family. Upon boarding, Helga eyes Fabrizio in the third class halls and falls in love with him immediately. The two properly meet at a Third-Class promenade in a deleted scene and are happily dancing together at the evening party which is seen in the movie. Helga is dragged into a conga line, and takes Fabrizio in with her. Fabrizio brings his best friend Jack Dawsonand his lover Rose with him.

Helga doesn't appear again until the Titanic begins to sink after hitting an iceberg. Helga meets up with Jack and Rose, with Fabrizio close behind. When he asked her to come with him to America, she refused (because of her demanding parents' orders) and stated that she could not, however, they both still loved each other.

Titanic's sinking and DeathEdit

Helga moments before the ship breaks in half

Helga moments before the ship breaks in half During the sinking, Fabrizio was killed by the ship's falling forward funnel. Soon after, Helga and her family ascended to the aft of the ship and were hanging by the rail. When the Titanic rose vertically in the air, Mrs. Dahl fell first, follow by Olaf Dahl, while Helga remained holding onto the railing the longest. Moments before the ships final plunge, she looks hopelessly up at Rose, who sadly watches her slip and fall several stories into the freezing ocean.

Helga was presumed to have died on the impact. If not, it is hinted that she died of hypothermia as did most of the other passengers in the water.


When Rose dies at age 100 and goes to Titanic Heaven, Helga and Fabrizio can be seen next to the Grand Staircase as Rose approaches Jack, with Helga happily clinging to Fabrizio's side. They applaud when Rose and Jack kiss, and are almost the closest people standing next to them, with Rose's maid Trudy being the closest.